Debian Squeeze Update von mysql-server auf 5.1.61-1 – Meldung über Changes

Beim Update auf mysql 5.1.61-1 aus dem Debian-Repository erscheint folgende nicht ganz unwichtige Meldung, die an dieser Stelle festgehalten werden soll.

mysql-5.1 (5.1.61-1) stable-security; urgency=high


Due to the non-disclosure of security patch information from Oracle,

we are forced to ship this upstream version update of MySQL 5.1 into

all releases that carry MySQL 5.1. There are several known incompatible

changes, which are listed below, taken from’s changelogs,

available here:



Incompatible Change: Previously, if you flushed the logs using FLUSH

LOGS or mysqladmin flush-logs and mysqld was writing the error log to

a file (for example, if it was started with the –log-error option),

it renamed the current log file with the suffix -old, then created a

new empty log file. This had the problem that a second log-flushing

operation thus caused the original error log file to be lost unless

you saved it under a different name. For example, you could use the

following commands to save the file:


shell> mysqladmin flush-logs

shell> mv host_name.err-old backup-directory


To avoid the preceding file-loss problem, renaming no longer

occurs. The server merely closes and reopens the log file. To rename

the file, you can do so manually before flushing. Then flushing the

logs reopens a new file with the original file name. For example, you

can rename the file and create a new one using the following commands:


shell> mv host_name.err host_name.err-old

shell> mysqladmin flush-logs

shell> mv host_name.err-old backup-directory


(Bug #29751)


References: See also Bug #56821.



Incompatible Change: When auto_increment_increment is greater than

one, values generated by a bulk insert that reaches the maximum

column value could wrap around rather producing an overflow error.


As a consequence of the fix, it is no longer possible for an

auto-generated value to be equal to the maximum BIGINT UNSIGNED

value. It is still possible to store that value manually, if the

column can accept it. (Bug #39828, Bug #11749800)



Incompatible Change: Handling of a date-related assertion was



However, a consequence of this change is that several functions

become more strict when passed a DATE() function value as their

argument and reject incomplete dates with a day part of zero. These

functions are affected: CONVERT_TZ(), DATE_ADD(), DATE_SUB(),


WEEK(), WEEKDAY(), WEEKOFYEAR(), YEARWEEK(). Because this changes

date-handling behavior in General Availability-status series (MySQL

5.1 and 5.5), it was reverted in 5.1.62 and 5.5.21. The change is

retained in MySQL 5.6.


References: See also Bug #13458237.


— Clint Byrum <[email protected]> Thu, 01 Mar 2012 23:25:34 -0800

PS: Natürlich ware dies auch im Changelog nachzulesen, wenn selbiges funktionieren würde…

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