Microsoft Partner Network Test: Technical Assessment for Microsoft Office 365

Alle Fragen und Antworten für den Office 365-Test – natürlich nur für die faulen. Die Antworten kennt ja sicher jeder auch so J


Which one of the following is NOT part of the Microsoft Office 365 solution?

Windows Azure


Which of the following plattform capabilities eliminates the need for a sign-in client in the Office 365 solution?

Identity federation


Which of thw following is a characteristic of the Microsofot Office 365 solution?

… is managed from the Microsoft Online Service Portal


The Microsoft Office 365 Plan K Family offers a version of the Microsoft Office 365 solution at a lower price that includes a reduced-functionality access-only version of which technology?

Microsoft Sharepoint online


The Microsoft Office 365 Plan K Family is NOT licensed to perform which of the following tasks?

Provide Mobility (push emails)


Which of the following is true regarding virus scanning and Microsoft Exchange online?

virus scanning is performed by Microsoft Forefront on all incoming mail as part of the service.


What is the time period available for the Microsoft Office 365 solution trial?

30 Days


Which of the following tools would you use to migrate the on-premise mailboxes of the users to a Microsoft Office 365 solution?

The Microsoft Exchange Management Console


A customer is set to migrate its mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange Online, and wants to maintain a short-term coexistence between the on-premise and the Microsoft Office 365 email organizations.

What would be the best migration scenario for this customer?

Perform a staged Microsoft Exchange migration.


A customer is moving an on-premise Microsoft SharePoint deployment to a Microsoft Sharepoint Online deployment. A part of the on-premise solution, the customer hat created workflows using full-trust code that is based on the Windows Workflow Foundation.

How can the customer implement its custom workflows in Microsoft Sharepoint online?

The customer cannot migrate the custom workflows because full-trust code is not supported in Microsoft Sharepoint online.


It is not possible the extend enabled search in Microsoft SharePoint Online beyon the Microsoft Office document types an .zip and .pdf file types.

Which of the following best practices is recommended as customer migrate data from Microsoft SharePoint to Microsoft SharePoint Online?

Review Microsoft Office document meta tags and search taxonomy for search requirenments prior to migration.


Your customer od preparing to add users to its Microsoft Office 365 solution. The administrator wants to import a large List of 500 users at one time, but the customer is NOT using active directory services.

Which TWO methods for account creation would you recommend?

Import the user list from a .CSV file

Write a script in powershell to add multiple users in Windows PowerShell.


One customer has signed up for a Microsoft Office 365 solution ans its new account has been provisioned, where would the administrator log into that account for the first time?

Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal


A customer established a Microsoft Office 365 account and added an initial bath of 50 employees. The customer has now decided to create an additional email domain while in the process of adding the remaining employees to the account.

Which of the following is true regarding the domain to shich the customer’s second batch of employees will be automatically assigned?

The default domain is assigned whe the employee is added.


Company X has signed up for a Microsoft Office 365 account and was given a default domain It wants to create and verify a custom domain instead of using the default domain.

How would Company X create custom domain?

Create the new domain in the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal


As a rule, the sum of all site collections per tenant within Microsoft SharePoint Online Standard cannot exceed what size?

5 terabytes (TB)


Microsoft SharPoint Online storage is aggregated and pooled among users. How much storage is added to the pool per standart user?



Which of the following is a requirenment for a customer to successfully install the Microsoft Directory Synchronisation Tool in their environment?

Establish enterprise administrator rights


A customer is working to deploy a Microsoft Office 365 solution across its entire organization. The customer has 25,000 employees that will be using Office 365 capabilities. It will have a hybrid deployment of its email servers and a single Active Directory forest.

What will be required fpr this deployment to work?

A directory-Synchronisation support exception


What is the maximum size of a Microsoft Exchange Online Standard mailbox?



You are working with an individual who holds several key leadership positions within a customer organization and requires multiple email distribution groups.

How is this accomplished through Microsoft Online Services?

Administrators can add distribution groups through the Microsoft Exchange control panel.


Microsoft Exchange Online is designed to provide the funktionality of a standart Microsoft Exchange Server deployment without the common complications associated with on-premise solutions.

How can a customer manage Microsoft Exchange Online contacts, distribution lists and other traditional functionality?

Administrators can manage these settings in the Microsoft Exchange control panel.


A customer has been usin Microsoft Office 2010 and wants to implement a Microsoft Office 365 solution, particularly Microsoft Sharepoint Online.

What is required in order to take advantage of rich clients on users computers?

Install the Microsoft Office 365 desktop setup package on the users computers.


Microsoft SharePoint is limited on which of the following factors?

The users in Active Directory.


A customer has recently established site collections with Microsoft SharePoint Online, and the administrator hast successfully been using the site. However, when the administrator sent the site URL to users, they could not log in.

What must the administrator doto allow users access to the site?

The administrator must enter the site collection and grant users access.


A customer has been using a Microsoft Office 365 solution for nearly 12 months. Site collection was created by a service administrator who is no longer with the company, using Microsoft SharePoint Online. The customer can no longer administer site collection.

How can a new service administrator take ownership of the site?

The Microsoft Online Global Support Administrators have full administration rights across all functionalities and can grant access.


A customer using the Microsoft Office 365 solution an Federated Identities with single Sign-On is getting significant negative feedback from users regarding the default password policy, which requires them to change their password too frequently.

What can you tell this customer?

Security policies cna be changed through Active Directory Services.


Who is the appropriate contact for Microsoft Office 365 support?

The Microsoft Online Global Support Administrator.


A customer with a new Microsoft Office 365 account wants to use Microsoft Lync Online to present an event for members of its own organization that have user licenses and also for members from customer organizations that do not.

How can the customer accomplish this?

The customer can invite anyone; attendees are not required to have a license.


Microsoft Lync Server 2010 integrates which of the following technologies to provide voicemail in the cloud?

Microsoft Exchange Online











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